Luigi Massari (Bari, Italy, 1978), visual artist and specialist working in the field of culture. He lives and works in Milan.


Luigi Massari was born in Bari and graduated in Painting and Pedagogy and Art teaching at the School of Fine Arts in Lecce, Italy.

He has taken part to many exhibitions in both private and public art galleries and spaces, in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to the synergy with the curator Andrea Lacarpia, in 2012 he opens Dimora Artica in Milan, a project space dedicated to the identification and connection between the traditional culture and the new trends in contemporary art.

Luigi Massari’s research ranges from painting to sculpture, but no interruption breaks the smooth continuity of his work, which gives birth to intermediate objects of a quite ambiguous practical functionality: work devices for painting or celebrative remains surrounded by an auratic imaginary.

The whole artwork contributes to give birth to a sort of degraded Epic, where the order disintegration aims to create an alternative order, a myth filled with a dual sense: mythology, as myth is a relic of the past, and mythography, as myth rewrites the present.

Set between stratifications and anchorage to sign, Massari’s work is consciously kept at a primordial state, which allows him both to put into effect acts aimed to remodel reality and to propose a dialogue between tradition and contemporaneity.